Zompires 6 was a horror movie Chris, Danny and Teddy went to see in the episode Scared Danny in Season 3 of The Christopher Show.


The plot of the movie is unknown but it is implied that it features Zompires, or Zombie/Vampire hybrids. Also it is revealed that the Zompires belch in people's faces and that gas turns them into zompires.

In the EpisodeEdit

Chris originally didn't want to see it but Danny forced him to. In the theater, Teddy was really enjoying the movie, Chris thought it was stupid and boring and wasn't amusing, and Danny was actually terrified of it, despite him being the one who wanted to see it.

Later when they got home it was time to go to bed. Danny and Chris went to bed but Chris accidentally belched, and because of this, Danny got frightened (because the Zompires belch in the movie) and thought Chris turned into a Zompire due to him belching. Danny gets all in a panic but Chris calms him down with a hypnosis kit he had in his closet. Woo.

In the SeriesEdit

Scared Danny was the only episode that featured this movie. This movie wasn't seen or mentioned before or after this episode.

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