Wyatt Onasaf


Light gray hat with gold crosses

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10 - 12

First Episode

Bart's Son, Part 1

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Behind the Spotlight


2014 - 2015



"...he's allergic to cats, spiders, dogs, um let's see here, double decker buses, lights, lampposts..."
―Bart explaining Wyatt's allergies to Chris.

Wyatt Onasaf is Bart Onasaf's son in The Christopher Show, who first appeared in Season 10[1].

As of February 10, 2015, ratings of The Christopher Show, more specifically Season 12, have gone down a bit[2], and the reason may be because of Wyatt[3]. It has been shown that the audience thinks Wyatt isn't a relatable character like Chris or Danny, or even like Darryl[4]. Because of this, Wyatt's last appearance was in "Behind the Spotlight" in Season 12[5].


Wyatt was born in August, a month after Chris.

The Onasaf Feud Edit

See: The Onasaf Feud

Current Status Edit

Wyatt and Chris are fine freinds as of Season 10. In Season 12 him, Chris and Darryl become best friends and form a club called "The Darrylites". The club didn't work out, but the three of them are still friends.

Appearance Edit

Looks Edit

Wyatt has a white cap with a black peak and golden crosses on it. He speaks with an foreign fake accent.

In the Series Edit

Wyatt's first appearance was in Season 10, Episode 87: "Bart's Son, Part 1", and Part 2. He then appears in Season 11 and 12. His last appearance is in 12 (see References)

First Appeared Last Appeared
Season 10 12
Episode Name Bart's Son, Part 1 Behind the Spotlight
Episode Number 87 105
Date July 11 February 8
Year 2014 2015


Wyatt is a sweet kid who likes hanging out with Chris & Darryl, but he often tends to get nervous easily and awkward. Chris tells him all about Danny in Season 10 but he never met Danny face to face. On-screen, he has never been shown to yell and/or be mean to anyone (same thing for Teddy Peters, until his bad side came out in Infected, in Season 9.[6].

Trivia Edit

  • Wyatt has a foreign accent, which is fake in real life. Also, he pronounces his name, "Vyatt", and then says, "Wyatt" correctly, then states that's how Americans say it. SO I guess he's not American.
  • Wyatt was born in August 2001 (day is unknown) but we do know that Chris was born in July 2001, a month before.
  • Wyatt did not know Jerry, and Chris never mentioned Jerry to Wyatt, so it is assumed Wyatt has never even heard of Jerry. Chris also told Wyatt all about Danny but he has never met Danny physically.
  • He's allergic to cats, spiders, dogs, double decker buses, lights, lampposts, and many other things.
  • Wyatt left the show in Season 12, like his father, Bart[7].


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