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Twister was a planned episode for Season 11 in The Christopher Show.


The follow-up to Hotel Life, Chris is still at the hotel when a sudden severe tornado forms right outside the hotel. Nobody can get out until this twister passes by. Chris is scared and needs to call Danny for help. But at this point he's still not talking to Danny and decides not to.

The hotel starts to break apart and Chris is trying to find a safe spot to hide. Sure enough, the tornado is just too strong and the hotel collapses, killing everyone inside. Except Chris. He gets knocked out and awakens the next day on rubble. The tornado has passed and, surprisingly not injured, Chris heads on home.

What Happened?Edit

This episode encountered many production errors while development was taking place. Chris6d decided to scrap the episode and instead work the plot into The Christopher Movie, where Chris would move to a hotel to avoid Danny. But remember, this was before Hotel Life aired, so Hotel Life could have easily been scrapped too. Soon after, this plot for The Christopher Movie was scrapped and Hotel Life was released, but in the end Chris would leave the hotel and return home safely, instead of tornadoes wreaking havoc.


  • This is one of the only scrapped episodes. The other most famous one was Jailbreak.

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