To Recap
Series The Christopher Show
Season 8
Episode in season 0.5
Episode in series 62.5
Airdate May 31, 2014
Previous episode Hulk Peters
Next Episode Characters Come to Town
For the other Recap Episode, see To Recap (Season 4).

To Recap is the recap episode of Season 8 of The Christopher Show. It aired on May 31, 2014 and recaps the events of Hulk Peters, the Season 7 finale.


This episode is more of a half episode, recaping the events in the Season 7 Finale. Here, Danny extracts his revenge on Chris & Jerry, the revenge he promised in Hulk Peters. He gets revenge on Jerry by injecting him with chemicals, shooting him with lasers multiple times—which you can hear from Chris's room, by the way—and electrocuting him (that too). Chris's revenge has Danny turn into a giant monster and punching him, KO'ing him, cold. Chris then limps, hurt, to Danny's room, the location where it happened, to find Jerry.

Jerry tells Chris the truth: that it was his fault for what happened in "Hulk Peters" (even though it's obvious). Chris then tells Jerry it's okay and that finally, he understands what Chris goes through every day. Then Jerry tells Chris that Danny injected him with chemicals. Then they both pass out and the next day they wake up fine.


  • This is one of two Recap Episodes in the series.
  • This episode is crucially important because here, Danny injects Jerry with the chemicals which become important in Infected.

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