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The TV Jacker is a character in The Christopher Show. He appeared in one episode in Season 11.

Personality Edit

The TV Jacker's personality is unknown, but Chris said that he's an infamous criminal in Duesburg who hacks into people's televisions and tells them what's on his mind. It's mostly about stuff going on with the government. He was shot on live TV (this was not shown on-screen) and thus, is deceased.

Appearance Edit

Looks Edit

The TV Jacker's appearance is unknown due to his face being covered. Only his mouth is visible.

In the Series Edit

The TV Jacker only appeared in one episode, The TV Jacker, in Season 11. He was never spoken of, seen or mentioned before or after this episode.

Chris, Wyatt and Darryl were having a conversation when Chris heard his TV get hacked and went in to check it out. The TV Jacker said, "Just got word that Danny's been in jail for about 3 months and he just got out, the other day. Well, the feds think, think... *STATIC*"

First Appeared Last Appeared
Season 11 11
Episode Name The TV Jacker The TV Jacker
Episode Number 92 92
Date December 1 December 1
Year 2014 2014

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