The Pranking Arts Academy is a school somewhere in Duesburg, teaching kids until grade 8. Instead of a regular school, Danny attended this school so he can perfect his pranking ways (until Season 9).


This school serves as a hi-tech prank academy and teaches about the art of pranking, as said in its name. It is assumed The Pranking Quarterly Magazine is sold here and the school and the magazine have some sort of partnership, as the school is featured on the cover of the June 2014 edition.

Pranking Arts Preparatory High SchoolEdit

This school was never mentioned in the show except for it appearing on the cover of the June 2014 edition of The Pranking Quarterly. It is assumed that this is a high school extension to the regular Pranking Arts Academy.


Instead of attending regular school like Chris, Danny attended the Pranking Arts Academy so he can perfect his pranking ways. Of course, he stopped attending this school in the end of Season 9, when he went to jail and gave up pranking completely. Now, he goes to the Prison Life Recovery And Elementary Learning School and Education of Knowledge for the Better", or the PLRELSEKB. It is assumed that this school teaches kids recovering from jail but is more like a regular school, because Danny talks about actual school-related stuff like normal math classes often.


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  • This school has been mentioned a couple of times in the series but has never appeared on-screen.

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