The Last Alive 3: Humanity's Chance was a horror movie Chris went to see with Jerry in the episode The 6D, in Season 9 of The Christopher Show. It is the first 6-Dimensional, or 6D, movie.


The plot of the movie is unknown, but in the episode The 6D Chris and Jerry went to see it. Danny bought an invention created by Conner Strouskii, The 7DInator. In the theater, Danny rigged the projector so when Chris and Jerry went to see the movie, the movie would be 7D instead of 6D. 7D makes the characters in the movie come to life, and considering The Last Alive 3 is a horror movie that's not good.


  • Danny referenced this movie in Spiders in a House Continued in Season 8 when he said to Jerry, "Don't worry, you're not going to be the last alive."
    • However, this movie wasn't seen until Season 9, so maybe the movie was announced at the time of Season 8 but not released until Season 9.
  • In The Pranking Quarterly Magazine, it said that currently, 7-Dimensional movies exist but the licensing to produce them is iffy, so none have been produced. This means Danny broke the law, as usual.
  • The other horror movie in The Christopher Show Universe is Zompires 6.