The 7DInator was an invention invented by Conner Strouskii and later purchased and used by Danny in The Christopher Show.


The invention's physical appearance is unknown. In the series it was seen in The Pranking Quarterly Magazine where Danny saw it and bought it to use on Chris, in The 6D, Season 11.


As stated in the magazine:

"This creation was inspired by the works of professional pranker and belcher, Conner Strouskii. This basically makes a 6D movie 7D. 6D is Six-Dimension, but 7D is Seven-Dimension, which enables the object in 7D to come to life. For example, if “The Last Alive” was in 7D, the zombies in that movie would have come alive in real life, right off the screen, and killed us all. Currently, 7D movies exist but the licensing to create them is still iffy, so none have been produced."
―The Pranking Quarterly Magazine.