Spiders in a House Continued
Series The Christopher Show
Season 8
Episode in season 4
Episode in series 66
Airdate June 1, 2014
Previous episode Chicken Capers
Next Episode Danny Scary
For the original Season 5 episode, see Spiders in a House.

Spiders in a House Continued is the fourth episode of Season 8 of The Christopher Show. It aired on June 1, 2014 and is the follow-up to the Season 5 episode Spiders in a House.


Danny orders a bunch of mechanical spiders to do testing on them ONLY, and then send them back to the Acne Acme Company. Chris is worried because he doesn't want a repeat of last time. But when the crates of spiders outside fall on the street, the spiders come inside the house.

Danny and Jerry run for Danny's room, meanwhile Chris is knocked out by the spiders in the other room and the spiders attack him. Danny & Jerry leave Chris behind and Jerry reveals that he doesn't want to die from this. Danny promises that won't happen and Danny, brave, makes a dash for Chris's room, and gets the Birthday Bot. He uses the Birthday Bot to kill all the spiders, but in the process the Bot is destroyed. When Chris wakes up he finds the Bot is destroyed but Danny saved him, and everything is AWESOME!

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