Season 7 is the seventh season of The Christopher Show. This season ran from January 7, 2014 to May 30, 2014. The previous season was Season 6 and next up is Season 8. See List of The Christopher Show Episodes for more. It is one of the most important seasons in the series due to the new characters introduced, events, and more.


On January 5, 2014, The Christopher Show was renewed for a seventh season, with 9 episodes.


Season 6

Air Date

Barryl Returns January 7, 2014
A Piano Tale January 9, 2014
When Time Flies January 10, 2014
Patzilla vs. Chrisville January 11, 2014
De Pinbole Story February 24, 2014
All Out War April 17, 2014
Your Thoughts, Jerry? May 6, 2014
Whitey-Out May 9, 2014
Hulk Peters May 30, 2014

Characters Introduced Edit

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