Season 4 is the fourth season of The Christopher Show. This season ran from July 14, 2013 to July 29, 2013. The previous season was Season 3 and next up is Season 5. See List of The Christopher Show Episodes for more.


On July 14, 2013, The Christopher Show was renewed for a fourth season. In this season Chris & Danny will travel to exotic places, including the 1800s! This season has 9 1/2 episodes because the first episode is a recap on Season 3, so it's like a half episode. Season 4 is one of two seasons (and the first) to have a recap episode, the other being Season 8.


Season 4

Air Date

To Recap July 14, 2013
Comics Capers

July 15, 2013

The Barfè July 15, 2013
Kid Agency July 15, 2013
Bros Before Dinos July 16, 2013
Keybored July 18, 2013
Brotherly Love... or Hate July 19, 2013
Lucy Gone Wilde July 21, 2013
This is What it Was Like? Part 1 July 29, 2013
This is What it Was Like? Part 2 July 29, 2013

Main CharactersEdit

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