Season 2 is the second season of The Christopher Show. This season ran from July 3, 2013 to July 8, 2013. See List of The Christopher Show Episodes for more. The previous season was Season 1 and the following season is Season 3.


On July 3, 2013, The Christopher Show was renewed for a second season, with 9 episodes. In this season Chris gets glasses until the Season 5 finale, and a more caring side of Danny for Chris is revealed. This season ran from July 3, 2013 to July 8, 2013.

Episodes Edit

Season 2
Episode Air Date
Two-Ply July 3, 2013
Like Legos... and Pizza July 3, 2013
Danny the Belchster July 4, 2013
Is Zit You or Is Zit Me? July 5, 2013
Something Different July 5, 2013
T-Shirt Sellerz July 6, 2013
Be a Star, Part 1 July 7, 2013
Be a Star, Part 2 July 7, 2013
Nukid on the Block July 8, 2013

Characters IntroducedEdit

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