Purple flurp by jacobyel-d6zl9oa

Child's drawing of the soda, featured at the 2013 Slurp & Burp Convention.

"Purple Flurp: The soda that makes you say [burp]"
―Purple Flurp Slogan as of 2009

Purple Flurp is a soda in The Christopher Show.

About Edit

Purple Flurp is "the gassiest soda out there". It was founded sometime in 2002 and they had an old TV commercial from 2006. Danny got a job at a local soda shop run by a person named Poochie McGrooder. He found the soda and realized that this can make him belch loud. Loud enough to win the Slurp & Burp Convention. He told Chris this and Chris didn't really approve, but by then it was too late. Danny won the contest and 1% of the money.

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