Dog (Lab-Shepherd Mix)


  • Pateriso
  • Chubawuffa
  • Muttacus (like Spartacus but he's a mutt)
  • Baby Mutt
  • Pateriso Wuffa
  • Mama's Baby
  • Baby Ma
  • Wappadoo Wuffa
  • Dope



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Introducing Patrick Dog!

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All (2013 - N/A)


Alive, and cuter than ever

Patrick is Chris & Danny's dog in The Christopher Show. He was mostly in earlier seasons such as Season 1 however he is scattered throughout the series. 🐶



Patrick is a mutt: a mix of a Golden Retriever and a German Shepherd. He has golden-brown like velvet fur and black-ish tail. He is very cute but a bit dopey in a dumb-ish way because he acts stupid sometimes, but he is cute. He is very chubby. 🐶

In the SeriesEdit

Patrick first appeared in Introducing Patrick Dog! when Chris tells the story of how he adopted him. After that he appears throughout the series.


  • Chris is the one who adopted Patrick because "he was feeling lonely in the house", however it seems that Danny appreciates Patrick more that Chris because he always is seen petting him and loving him, revealing a sensitive side to Danny. (Season 2)
  • He likes licking and scratching himself because he has allergies.
  • His nails need to be cut every two months.
    • The last time Chris & Danny's dad took him to get his nails cut he peed in the back seat and the car had to be fumigated.

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