105 Things We Need to FixARIA Case of the Darryl
A Piano TaleA Very Danny Chris-MasA Year of Great Pranx
AlcapacaAll Out WarAnnual Christmas Garbage Men
AprilAugustBarryl Returns
Bart OnasafBe a StarBeisboll
Birthday BotBrody BelcherBros Before Dinos
Brotherly Love... or HateBuddy DayButtocks2x-erator
Characters Come to TownChicken CapersChris
Chris's BirthdayChris's RoomChris6d
Chris & Danny's CarChris & Danny's HouseComics Capers
Conner StrouskiiConstruction CrewDanny
Danny's LairDanny, Jr.Danny, Jr. (Episode)
Danny, Sr.Danny ScaryDanny the Belchster
Danny the Vocal ManipulationatorDark Matter Power ChipsDarryl Barryl
De Pinbole StoryDecemberDiamond 6 News
Do What You DoDoors Go Slammin'Doors Go Slammin'/Transcript
Duesburg Convention CenterDuesburg PenitentiaryDustin Dmitri
Ear WacksEugeneEverything We Stood For
Fart bikeFebruaryFeldis
Fite NiteGaming chairGirlz Krazy
HairstarinatorHe's Outta HereHole in Half
Hologram TrainHome PageHulk Peters
Hurt LanesIntro sequenceIntroducing Patrick Dog!
Invisible Laser CameraIs Zit You or Is Zit Me?Jailbreak (Scrapped Episode)
James P. RominickJanelleJanuary
Jerry PetersJoey DmitriJuly
JuneKarate SenseiKeybored
Kid AgencyLike Legos... and PizzaList of The Christopher Show Episodes
Lock'd OutLucyLucy Gone Wilde
MayMickey Mouse ClubhouseMiniature Pants
Monsta TruxMortyMovie Studio
Mr. McGrooderMr. SirNational DVD, DVD Player and DVD Disc Day
No Proof, No BeliefNovemberNukid on the Block
OctoberPatent OfficePatrick
Patzilla vs. ChrisvillePickingPinheads
Puppiez4adoptionPurple FlurpRecap Episode
Santa's SchemesScared DannySeason 1
Season 2Season 3Season 4
Season 5Season 6Season 7
Season 8SeptemberSlippery grease
Slurp & Burp ConventionSomething DifferentSpiders in a House
Spiders in a House ContinuedSplits Bowling AlleySpy Fly
Spy Fly (Episode)SwingfallT-Shirt Sellerz
Tea PottyTeddy PetersThe 1800s
The 7DInatorThe BarfèThe Barfè (Episode)
The BurpinatorThe Christopher MovieThe Christopher Shoe
The Christopher ShowThe City SaversThe Coolisean
The Coolisean (Episode)The Day of the WashThe Direction Planter
The Dmitri CousinsThe Duesburg Z-DinerThe Fake IDs
The Family Secret of Chris & DannyThe Laser-Tag TournamentThe Last Alive 3: Humanity's Chance
The Onasaf FeudThe Pranking Arts AcademyThe Pranking Quarterly
The Ripped Scroll of DuesburgThe Scroll of DuesburgThe TV Jacker
The Truth HertzThe Wrath of ChrisThis is What it Was Like?
Time ElapserTimeline for The Christopher ShowTo Recap (Season 4)
To Recap (Season 8)Twister (Scrapped Episode)Two-Ply
UltraVacUncle ChuckUncle Teddy
Unofficial Season CountVomitLandWhen Time Flies
Whitey-OutWhitey-Out (Episode)Worldwide Piano & Music School
Wyatt OnasafX.I.A. AgencyYour Thoughts, Jerry?
ZelzburgZompiresZompires 6
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