Karate Sensei


Karate Sensei (real name is unknown)


White bandana, glasses, tank top

Also known as

The Karate Sensei



First Episode

Lock'd Out

Last Episode

Lock'd Out




Unknown (most likely alive)

The Karate Sensei was a character in The Christopher Show, who only appeared in one episode in Season 3.


The Karate Sensei has not been on the series enough to seriously distinguish his personality, but he seems to be very resilient on karate and he doesn't tolerate fooling around. He is a master at karate, thus, him being a sensei.



The Sensei wore a white bandana, a tank top and glasses.

In the SeriesEdit

He only appeared in one episode, Lock'd Out in Season 3. Chris called him to come over the house and teach him karate so Chris could break his door down to get in, because Danny locked it from the inside and threw the key under the door.

First Appeared Last Appeared
Season 3 3
Episode Name Lock'd Out Lock'd Out
Episode Number 23 23
Date July 11 July 11
Year 2013 2013


  • He is the second person in The Christopher Show to wear glasses (first was Chris, third was Dustin Dmitri).
  • He is the second one-appearance only character to appear in Lock'd Out (second was Mr. McGrooder).

Other CharactersEdit

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