Joey Dmitri


Orange Ed Hardy Cap

Also known as

Buffoon, Drooler


4, 6

First Episode

Brotherly Love... or Hate

Last Episode

Backstabbed (mentioned)

Year Active




Joey Dmitri is Chris & Danny's cousin. His age is unknown but probably the same as that of Chris & Danny. His brother is Dustin Dmitri.



Joey has dark hair and a brown Ed Hardy hat. He only appeared in 2 episodes, Brotherly Love... or Hate and A Year of Great Pranx. He was mentioned in "The Christopher Shoe" when Chris mentioned Joey when he wanted to ship Danny's baby shoes off to him so he can eat them, and Ear Wacks, when it was revealed he made the wax sculpture, not Danny.

In the Series Edit

Joey Appears in:

Personality Edit

Joey is a wild "baboon" who acts like... Well, a baboon. He is constantly drooling and likes playing games with Chris. But with Joey, everything's always wild, smelly and drool-ly.


  • He, along with Dustin, loves when everyone in the same room wears the same shirts.
    • When somebody in the room has a different shirt than them, they become devastated. That's how Chris & Danny defeated them in the episode "Brotherly Love... Or Hate"
  • In The Christopher Shoe, Chris says that Joey might be willing to eat shoes.


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