James P. Rominick


James P. Rominick



Also known as

Master Pranker, The One and Only


9 (mentioned only)

First Episode

The 6D

Last Episode

The 6D




Unknown (most likely deceased, see trivia)

James P. Rominick was a character in The Christopher Show. He is one of three inventors mentioned in The Pranking Quarterly Magazine in the episode The 6D (besides Danny).


In the series, he was only seen once in the episode The 6D. He was in The Pranking Quarterly Magazine that Danny bought in the episode. He was never seen physically and he was never mentioned by any of the characters, his name only appeared very briefly in the magazine on page 2.

The magazine states that he invented the Hologram Train, a hi-tech invention featured in the magazine.


  • It is most likely that he is deceased due to the article saying, "In memory of him and Jim" at the end. Him is referring to James, and Jim is unknown.

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