An intro sequence only appeared in 5 episodes of Season 13 of The Christopher Show.


The intro sequences were short 1-2 minute scenes in each episode they were in, coming before the theme song. Before Adjusting, which had the first intro sequence, all episodes started with the theme song, with no intro sequence (excluding finales). In the intro sequences, Chris & Danny would talk about a specific event from both their point of views, so you would see it from both their perspectives, just like in Drake & Josh.

Fate Edit

The intro sequences, while adding something new, more spice, to the show, brought in some negativity and downed ratings for the series. Fans were claiming they added absolutely nothing new to the series and just wasted time. So, Chris6d responded to this by removing the intro sequences from future episodes, as if they never happened. Ice Heist Baby, which featured Mark, was the last episode to be filmed with an intro sequence.

The Sequences Edit

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