Hulk Peters
Series The Christopher Show
Season 7
Episode in season 9
Episode in series 62
Airdate May 30, 2014
Previous episode Whitey-Out
Next Episode To Recap

Hulk Peters is the 9th and final episode of Season 7 of The Christopher Show. It aired on May 30, 2014 and features Teddy Peters as a guest star.


Danny's back from the Laser-Tag Tournament and Chris is building a model bridge with his friends for school. Chris then wakes up upstairs in his room, unconscious, a few hours later. Chris says Danny wrecked the project and got away with it, and says how he hates Danny. Danny gets him an exclusive Lego Hulk Model, and Chris forgives him. Then, Jerry comes in and asks if Chris knows about the Hulk Thing yet. He also says that Teddy got the same one, and he found two of Danny's devices downstairs.

Danny says that one is a PlayStation remote, and yells to Jerry not to use the other one. But Jerry says everything Danny makes is good, since he DOES believe Danny is good. He uses it on Chris & Danny and they both get teleported to another dimension, where they are BOTH Lego Hulks, in Teddy Peters's room being played with by Teddy, and Teddy doesn't even know it! They cannot interact with anything but themselves. Teddy forces them to fight and they hurt each other. Soon Teddy leaves the room and Chris & Danny get teleported out of there.

Later on, Chris wants to make sure they are back, and a telemarketer calls, and then Chris says they're back, all right. But Chris is still mad at Danny and Jerry, and Danny says why Chris is mad at him when Jerry activated the device. Jerry then remarks by blaming Danny, and Chris goes with Jerry. Now it's 2 against 1 (2 v. 1) and Danny says that both of them are gonna pay for what they did. Danny leaves the room in disgust and Chris asks Jerry why he's sitting quietly on the bed, but he doesn't answer. He's hiding something.

  • This is a double episode and the Season 7 finale.
  • This episode was favored by critics due to its touching plot and scenes.
  • Teddy Peters guest stars in this episode. It was confirmed that Teddy Peters will appear in more episodes in the future, and possibly come back.

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