The Hologram Train is an invention in The Christopher Show. It was invented by James P. Rominick and only seen once, in The Pranking Quarterly Magazine.


The invention's physical appearance is unknown. In the series it was seen in The Pranking Quarterly Magazine where the invention was featured in the magazine in The 6D, Season 9.


As stated in the magazine, this prank only works when standing next to or on train tracks. When the user is standing near train tracks, a fake hologram train which only they can see, no one else can see it so there's no proof of it, will come at them, making them think it’s real. The train will hit the user, knocking them back to the ground. As soon as they fall, they wake up instantly as if it had been a dream, and in everyone else’s point of view, they will think they just had a spasm or something.


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