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July 11, 2013

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"He's Outta Here" is the eighth and ninth episodes of Season 3 of The Christopher Show. It aired on July 11, 2013. It is two parts and the Season 3 Finale.


Part 1Edit

Teddy has big news that Danny knows already, so Chris wants to find out, but Danny doesn't let him. Chris is furious because he wants to know the news but Danny says the news is pretty bad and that he's not letting Chris hear for his own good. But Chris doesn't seem to care that Danny is looking out for him. In the end of part 1, Danny eventually takes Chris to Teddy's house so he can hear the news for himself. And the news was that Teddy is moving away to Zelzburg.

Part 2Edit

Chris is sad and whines to Teddy that he shouldn't go, but Teddy says he has no choice because his mom is becoming a supermodel and his dad wants to be a pro belcher. Danny tells Chris that this is why he didn't tell him the news, but Chris is furious again and fights with Danny. They fight, and Danny has no choice but to hit him and Chris becomes unconscious. This meant that Danny's actions caused Teddy and Chris to be unable to say goodbye to each other. And after that emotional scene, Teddy says bye to Danny and leaves forever.


  • This is the Season 3 Finale.
  • This is the last appearance of Teddy Peters until the Season 7 finale.
    • This is the last appearance of Teddy as a main character, though.
  • Teddy reveals that he is moving away to Zelzburg, a rival city to Duesburg.
  • This episode was favored by critics due to its emotional plot and scenes.
  • In this episode a side of Danny is revealed that he cares for Chris a little bit, because he didn't want to tell Chris the bad news for his own good.
  • Chris was being selfish in these episodes because he didn't care that Danny was only looking out for him, and he paid the price for it.
  • In this episode it seems that Chris cares for Teddy more than Danny, although they are brothers and this info is probably not true.