This is the transcript for an episode in the series. To go back to the episode, go to: Doors Go Slammin'.


Chris is in the living room narrating.

CHRIS: Well, this is my life. I'm Chris, as you know. I live in this beautiful, beautiful, home. Anyway, I have an older brother, Danny, sadly. He has an evil lair. Nobody even knows about it except me. It's a dark, dark secret that he is sworn to protect. Up in his evil lair he plans, he's got computers, gadgets, radars, everything. He plans everything of my movements and everything, because, he has pranks all over the house, video cameras and everything. He plans EVERYTHING to the max, of pranking me, and it's NOT cool. He pranks me everyday, and I fall for it.

Chris looks up at the ceiling.

CHRIS: See? That's one of his laser cameras up there! He's gonna SHOOT AT ME!!

We hear lasers firing around Chris and he evades out of the way. He falls to the ground, hurt. He is grunting in pain.

CHRIS: Ah, ah that was close! He almost shot his laser at me, but good thing I dodged out of the way! But ah that hurts, he's probably laughing right now!

The scene cuts to Danny's Lair, and a subtitle reads, "Danny's Lair - 11:00 AM". We see and hear gadgets and the bleeping of gadgets set up in Danny's lair, and Danny is standing there.

DANNY: Ha ha! In my lair... it is dark. It's only dark because I didn't turn on the light. Lemme turn on the light.

The scene reappears with the light on.

DANNY: OK, I turned on that light! Now I'm pinpointing Chris's exact position in the house. He's in the bathroom. That's wrong. But, anyway, when he comes out, he will not know what awaits him.

Danny does a deep, weird evil laugh and the scene cuts to Chris, who is coming out of the bathroom now. He flushes the toilet and says, "Ah, that's better". Then he closes the door a bit but the door swings back at him, and Chris falls, hurt.

CHRIS: Rigged doors, really? That's it, he's gonna pay!

The scene switches to Danny, still in his lair. Danny executes an extremely girly laugh and says:


He continues to laugh, but now switches back to the evil laugh. The scene switches to Chris laying hurt on the floor. We can hear Danny's laughing from here.

CHRIS: I hear Danny up there, laughing in his little lair! I'm gonna get him, I'm gonna get him SO BAD!

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