Chicken Capers
Series The Christopher Show
Season 8
Episode in season 3
Episode in series 65
Airdate June 1, 2014
Previous episode Chris's Birthday
Next Episode Spiders in a House Continued

Chicken Capers is the third episode of Season 8 of The Christopher Show. It aired on June 1, 2014.


Danny tells Chris that he found Easter Eggs in his lair, and he left them on the table downstairs, because he knows Chris likes those. Chris says he likes them empty, and thanks him. Later, the easter eggs hatch in front of Chris and Chris thinks Danny did this on purpose, But what about Chris & Danny's bond relationship?

These chicks are all over the house now, and Chris & Danny don't have much time to collect them all, but in the end, they do. Chris is still mad at Danny because he thought Danny was trying to act nice but then pranked him again. Danny keeps telling Chris that it really was a coincidence and that he really was trying to be nice, Chris accepts and forgives him.

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